Medical Trade Specialist

Over the years, the medical and dental industry have accompanied me on my way as a sales
trainer and a sales coach. (In fact, I should say in the last decade, but which woman wants to
say this?!)
Starting with my training as a dental nurse in 1997 until my work as a sales trainer and coach
in the pharmaceutical industry, I have been loyal to the branch until today. I am particularly
interested in the complementary medicine because it is where the trend goes. People want to
maintain their health and look for alternatives in the medical field. This offers doctors and the
pharmaceutical industry a colorful range of new possibilities and this also offers wonderful
opportunities for sales and sales training.

However, even though I am very experienced in the medical branch, I can do trainings in all
other fields as well. Because sales and customer centricity always works the same. You
need to know the rules of the game, not the consistency of the ball.