Nadine Mühlenberg

Nadine Mühlenberg

Trainer and Coach in Sales

I stand for your success in sales

If the wind turns in the direction of change, I can promise you success.

Hi, my name is Nadine Mühlenberg, born in Hamburg, Germany and a true northern girl. I love the rough north and at the same time, I really adore the south of Germany and the beautiful Lake of Constance.

Sales is really a matter close to my heart. Making your team successful in sales and inspiring people is my goal. I am a professional in sales and I love sales, because it is a business between people.

I follow a holistic way to achieve sales success and it will cause a change. If in Hamburg a strong wind emerges, it blows through all streets. The same applies to change. Here, the wind will also blow through more than just the sales force in the field.

To make it fit

It needs 3 times a Yes!

  • Yes, you are convinced that I, Nadine Muehlenberg, can bring you and your team on the path to sales success. How we will find out? Let us make an appointment and talk.
  • Yes, we have to work together for at least 3 to 12 months, if you decide to book the filet, the prime cut of my range: the unconventional systemic sales concept.
  • Yes, you have to suit my values and me. No matter if you book a single training slot or for a long-lasting collaboration. I can and will give my best for people, who meet my wavelength. If you want to learn more about me, my values and the way I complete trainings, please click here.

Training by Mühlenberg


„from here on you will leave your comfort zone!“

If you want to get different results, you need to walk a different path. If better results were possible on the existing path, then you already would have achieved them. So let us enter new paths together!
I am absolutely convinced that every person likes to learn and likes show their best. This is exactly what I bring out in my trainings. It does not matter if you decide to book the unconventional systematic sales concept, a single training slot or a coaching session. I always focus on the people and focus on creating a long-lasting success.
We will discuss personally or on the phone, how a bespoke training for your team can look like. Why? Because I do not offer stuff off from the pack. You only get tailored solutions. Tailored to your needs!