Powerful wonder woman, gentle soul, cheerful Nordic girl and straight businessperson, – all
this is me. But first of all, I am interested in people with all their different facets and I like
concentrating on their potential. For me, the base for all relationships, either business or
private, is mutual appreciation. Appreciation means as well to leave people as they are and
not to try to bend and form them to the preferred format but to develop and detect their full

In the great ocean of possibilities, I already entered many different boats to get to the sales
professional of today. And every single boat was important to bring me to the point that I now
can state: I am the right person to support my customer to pick the right boat, train them
where to put the sails and watch them sail at full speed and have a lot of fun on the road to
My milestones: Dental nurse, commercial trainee, business studies, NLP-trainee, business
trainer education, sales coach education. By the way: if you want me to do the training in
English, no problem.

In fact, I am a true northern girl and I lived for 40 years in the greatest city of all: Hamburg.
Miraculously, Love brought me to Markdorf at the Lake of Constance and I discovered the
beauty of the South of Germany and the beautiful Lake of Constance. Additionally, the
closeness to Austria and Switzerland offers me fantastic possibilities for my business.