To make it fit

It needs 3 times a Yes!


Yes, you are convinced that I, Nadine Muehlenberg, can bring you and your team on the path to sales success. How we will find out? Let us make an appointment and talk.


Yes, we have to work together for at least 3 to12 months, if you decide to book the filet, the prime cut of my range: the unconventional systemic sales concept.


Yes, you have to suit my values and me. No matter if you book a single training slot or for a long-lasting collaboration. I can and will give my best for people, who meet my wavelength. If you want to learn more about me, my values and the way I complete trainings, please click here.

Yes or No

If I am the right trainer for your needs or another trainer fits better, depending on if your values and convictions match mine. I am deeply convinced that you only get the best results if people share the same values and convictions and look in the same direction with regard to how to treat people.

I am standing for customer centricity and this starts with your staff. It is essential for me, that the employee, hired temporary or permanently, is treated as an individual and a human being. I am the wrong trainer giving a drill course on universal soldiers. Who thinks that “sales reps are always lazy and you just have to kick them in their ass and then it works!” really thinks different than me.

You receive tailor-made trainings designed to bring out the best in you. For this, I need a certain freedom to operate – for me as a trainer and for the sales staff. My trainings create change and you need room for change. Finally, our aim is to achieve sustainable success, right?

Being brave, being inquisitive, thinking laterally, exploring new paths, uncovering strengths and hidden resources, having a lot of fun, and really want to change things – this is what is of importance to me in my trainings.

If you are still nodding and agree to what I think, you should pick up the phone right now and give me a call! Let us discuss how I can support you and your team!